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Scholarship Winners
Scholarship Winners
Jamie Myers (TYC) $500
Anne Cofer (SJCC) $500
John Adcox, III (BMST) $500
Chris Kennedy (BMST) $1,000
John S. Baker, IV (SJCC) $1,000
8 & Under Girls
8 & Under Girls
High Point - Emily Tillo (DSC)
1st Runner Up - Emily Shaw (ASC)
2nd Runner Up - Tori Reiman (DESC)
3rd Runner Up - Leslie Flanders (SJCC)
th Runner Up - Virginia Skinner (SJCC)
8 & Under Boys
8 & Under Boys
High Point - Brian Harrington (ASC)
1st Runner Up - Ian Apple (SJCC)
2nd Runner Up - Bobby Yarborough (ASC)
3rd Runner Up - William Friedman (SAC)
4th Runner Up - John Flynn (SJCC)
10 & Under Girls
10 & Under Girls
High Point - Caitlin Mumford (DESC)
1st Runner Up - Aubrey Peacock (SJCC)
2nd Runner Up - Casey Sadlin (SJCC)
3rd Runner Up (tie) - Tess Granfield (DESC)
3rd Runner Up (tie) - Taylor Josserand (SJCC)
10 & Under Boys
10 & Under Boys
High Point - Tommy Gutman (SAC)
1st Runner Up - John Michael Hayes (DESC)
2nd Runner Up - Ryan Bass (SAC)
3rd Runner Up - Raymond DePadua (CLST)
4th Runner Up - William Hartje (DESC)
11-12 Girls
11-12 Girls
High Point - Brittany Schnorr (SAC)
1st Runner Up - Katharyn Hayes (DESC)
2nd Runner Up - Anna Attaway (CLST)
3rd Runner Up - Amanda Flynn (USA)
4th Runner Up - Taylor Reynolds (JCP)
11-12 Boys
11-12 Boys
High Point - Ryan O'Shaughnessy (JCP)
1st Runner Up - Simon Proudfoot (DSC)
2nd Runner Up - Nicholas Holterman (USA)*
3rd Runner Up - Matt Schlytter* (USA)
4th Runner Up - Hunter Shutt (OPCC)
13-14 Girls
13-14 Girls
High Point - Denise Gunter (SAC)
1st Runner Up - Lauren Parrish (USA)
2nd Runner Up - Kelly Gillis (BMST)
3rd Runner Up (tie) - Robin-Lindsay White (DSC)
3rd Runner Up (tie) - Courtney Schnorr (SAC)
3rd Runner Up (tie) - Sara Amidon (SAC)
13-14 Boys
13-14 Boys
High Point - Nicholas Basford (SAC)
1st Runner Up - Jack Stetson (SJCC)
2nd Runner Up - Scott Gunter (SAC)
3rd Runner Up - Dane Gullakson (SAC)
4th Runner Up - Robby Hayes (DESC)
15-16 Girls
15-16 Girls
High Point - Erin Phillips (DSC)
1st Runner Up - Jenna Strom (SAC)
2nd Runner Up - Amanda Gerdeman (DSC)
3rd Runner Up - Amy Wharen (PVST)
4th Runner Up - Erin Drewniany (SJCC)
15-16 Boys
15-16 Boys
High Point - Christopher McKnight (SAC)
1st Runner Up - Philip Schnorr (SAC)
2nd Runner Up - Timothy Granger (ASC)
3rd Runner Up - Greg Corning (TYC)
4th Runner Up - Harrison Brown (JCA)
17-18 Girls
17-18 Girls
High Point - Taylor Perry (SJCC)
1st Runner Up - Kelly Long (DESC)
2nd Runner Up - Jennie Yocum (USA)
3rd Runner Up - Courtney Muren (DESC)
4th Runner Up - Stephanie Anderson (JCP) *
17-18 Boys
17-18 Boys
High Point - Kenney Anderson (DESC)
1st Runner Up - Tim Corning (TYC)
2nd Runner Up - Mike Ginder (DESC)
3rd Runner Up - Ashford Denman (DSC)
4th Runner Up -Matthew McGowan (SJCC)
3rd Place - San Jose Country Club
3rd Place Team
San Jose Country Club
2nd place - Deerwood Epping Swim Club
2nd Place Team
Deerwood Epping Swim Club
Coach Carraway taking the winning plunge
An old tradition...
winning coach gets thrown in the pool!

Coach Carraway wet and happy
Wow, John got out fast...
and didn't even lose his shoes!
Coach Carraway and his team
Congratulations Southside Athletic Club
2002 River City
Swim League
Championship Winner!